Another tram failure causes delays in Manchester

Unfortunately Manchester Metrolink made the headlines in the Manchester Evening News again this week with another tram failing and causing large delays. The tram failed at Victoria at around 1230 and according to the MEN this led to delays on all Metrolink lines (although it is unclear why a failure at Victoria would mean the Eccles and MediaCityUK lines suffered as well). TfGM did not mention that it was a T68 as they usually do so it could well be that a M5000 was to blame for the heavy delays. The day after the failure the same newspaper ran a story on the withdrawal of the first T68 as reported on this website last week.

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  1. Frank Gradwell says:

    May 3rd

    “Metrolink said the broken down tram is an older model and is twice the size of a normal tram”

    What are they feeding them at Queens Road? I didn’t know trams suffred from middle age spread!

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