A Tuesday of problems for Metrolink

Tuesday 25th February was another of those days which can be filed in the “bad days at the office”for Manchester Metrolink with several incidents combining to cause issues across the network. The Bury, Oldham and Rochdale and East Didsbury lines all saw delays with points problems, an unsafe building and a police incident being blamed for the issues.

To start with a building in Oldham town centre was deemed structually unsafe and as a result no Metrolink services were able to operate through the area for most of the day. Services ran between Rochdale Railway Station and Oldham Mumps and from Manchester city centre as far as Freehold whilst the building was made safe.

A points problem was also experienced at Queens Road which meant that for a time no services were able to run on the direct Bury to Altrincham line and delays were also being seen on the Bury to Abraham Moss shuttle service. Then just to compound matters a police incident on the East Didsbury saw more delays for Metrolink services on a day which wasn’t exactly a good day for the network.

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