In Pictures: Horseley Road stop on West Midlands Metro Dudley extension

Construction work on the Dudley and Brierley Hill extension of the West Midlands Metro has been continuing in recent weeks with activity at various locations along the line. One of those locations has been in and around where Horseley Road tramstop will be constructed and that’s where we head in this article.

As we’ve seen before the line is being delivered in two main phases with the section from Wednesbury to Dudley (Flood Street) scheduled to start running by the end of 2024. This will see up to nine new stops added to the West Midlands Metro network with Horseley Road set to be the second stop on the line when coming from Wednesbury.

Whilst the Easter period saw a lot of work undertaken on connecting the existing West Midlands Metro Birmingham to Wolverhampton line with the extension at Tipton Junction there has also been other work ongoing along the remainder of the line.

The trackbed on much of the rest of the line (the section which is seeing an old railway line converted as opposed to the part in Dudley which will see on-street running) is currently being prepared for the installation of tracks over the next few months and with the weather starting to improve slightly this is now starting to progress rather than being a muddy mess.

Retaining walls are in place as work continues in the mid distance ahead of the construction of the stop itself.

A few hours later and another view of the same location. (Both Photographs by Chris Allsop-Buckler, 26th April 2024)

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