Contactless “tap on, tap off” payments for short hop journeys launched in Nottingham

Starting from 2nd April 2024, passengers who travel short distances on Nottingham Express Transit have been able to enjoy the benefits of contactless “tap on, tap off” payments with the introduction of new functionality on the contactless validation system.

Nottingham Express Transit have nine “short hop” travel zones where a single tram ticket costs just £1.50 for travel. Up until now the only way to benefit from this ticket has been to purchase a ticket from the ticket machines at the stops with the contactless validators not able to calculate the fare.

But now this will all change as all passengers will need to do is tap their bank card or contactless mobile payment device at the start of their journey and again at the end to pay the £1.50 for travel. Passengers must remember to tap out again at the end of the journey though as if they don’t they will be charged for a full price single or day ticket. This differs from normal contactless travel where passengers only tap in at the start of the journey and not the end.

Andrew Conroy, NET Chief Operating Officer, said: “We’re always looking for ways to improve the service we offer passengers, and the upcoming introduction of our ‘Tap On, Tap Off’ Short Hop travel marks a big step towards helping make travel even more convenient for tram users. Nottingham has so much to do for people of all ages, and now it’s even easier to see all the city has to offer for just £1.50 across our nine short hop zones which cover Hucknall, Bulwell, Clifton, Nottingham city centre and more.

“Up until now, short hop travel tickets could only be bought through our ticket machines, however, now all passengers will need is their card or mobile payment device for quick and easy tap and go travel. It’s worth noting though that passengers looking to benefit from £1.50 short hop travel will need to remember to tap on and off again, or they’ll be charged for a full price single or day ticket. And, for those who are travelling outside the short hop zones, they need only tap on once and the required fee will be deducted from their account at the end of the day as usual.”

There are nine short-hop zones across the NET network: Hucknall, Bulwell, Hysomn Green, City Centre, QMC, Wilford, Beeston, Bramcote and Clifton.

The £1.50 short-hop fare will also still be available to passengers who prefer to purchase their ticket from the machines at each stop.

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