Aberdeen tram restoration progress

Since the unidentified Aberdeen tram was removed from its resting place in the city to accommodation at the Dundee Transport Museum progress has been made in initial restoration work.

So far the remaining matchboarding, the remaining cedar tiles and associated framing, and almost all of the house conversion timber has now been removed from the body as a first step in returning the tram to more “tram-like” condition.

Elsewhere a sample rib from the lower saloon has been removed to provide a pattern, the upper deck quarter lights on one side have been removed, the upper part of the surviving top deck exterior panel has been removed and is to be submitted for expert examination to identify the route branding hidden underneath the flaking paint. The shoring up timbers in the lower deck have also been partly removed.

No further progress has yet been made on identifying the tram but one of quarter lights has been cleaned down and does have the remains of painted letting/numerals but at this stage cannot be clearly identified. It is hoped that when these are identified some clues may be revealed as to the number of the tram.

If you would like to assist the Aberdeen and District Transport Preservation Trust in restoring this tram you can donate money through a Bank Standing Order Mandate. Further details on how to do this can be found on their website at http://www.aberdeentram.co.uk/bank-standing-order-mandate.html.

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