Picture in Time: Stagecoach Supertram 102

It will the end of an era this month in Sheffield as after 27 years, Stagecoach will no longer be the operators of the Supertram network with a new company being set up the South Yorkshire Combined Authority to take control of operations. To mark this occasion the next subject of “Picture in Time” will be Supertram as we look at some photos of the network during its Stagecoach years.

During the Stagecoach period of operation there have been two main fleet liveries (with slight differences within these two liveries) with the earlier livery being mainly white with coloured stripes. This particular livery was altered with a dark blue section added at the bottom of the trams and its that version of the livery which we see on 102 here.

102 is just approaching Cathedral with a Blue route service on 26th February 2007 (when a Dayrider was just £2.70 – in 2024 its double that on the tram or £5.00 when using the app) in this photo. As with all the Siemens-Duewag trams when first into service this tram carried the number 02 but received the additional 1 on the front after Stagecoach took control. This had been the first tram to be delivered to the Nunnery Square Depot.

Photograph by Noel Downie, 26th February 2007

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