Big increase in penalty fares issues on NET

Nottingham Express Transit launched a zero tolerance campaign to crack down on fare evasion in December 2023 with concerns about the number of people who were travelling on the trams without a ticket. It has now been revealed that since that campaign started there has been a 45% increase month-on-month in Penalty Fare Notices issued.

The campaign has seen an increased presence of plain clothed officers at tramstop and on board trams. During the first month over 1,120 Penalty Fare Notices were issued.

In 2023 a total of 7,682 Penalty Fare Notices were issued with 2,580 passengers prosecuted who had refused to pay their fines.

Sarah Turner, Service Delivery and Safety Director for NET, said: “Since December last year we’ve taken a ‘no excuses’ approach to handing out Penalty Fare Notices, reinforcing the message that fare evasion is theft. This resulted in 1,127 notices being issued, which is nearly 50% more than the previous month. Verbal warnings have also drastically reduced, highlighting the consistency of this campaign across the network.

“These recent figures highlight our commitment towards ensuring Nottingham’s trams remain a safe and reliable mode of transport for all, but this isn’t to be seen as the campaign ‘wrapping up’. NET’s zero tolerance policy towards fare evasion remains part of our day-to-day operations and we will continue to draw upon our connections with the local police force to ensure there’s an increased presence on the ground, supporting this campaign while also helping to keep the public safe.

“Of course, our ultimate goal isn’t to increase the number of Penalty Fare Notices we issue in 2024, but to reduce the misuse of our trams and challenge perceptions of fare evasion – this percentage increase shown during the first month is testament to the attitude that people can now expect from our staff, reiterating this message.

“As part of our campaign, as well as reminding people of the real legal implications of fare evasion, we’ve also been making our ticketing messaging as clear as possible. If anyone is unsure about what ticket they should be purchasing or the correct way to validate their pass, there are plenty of signs to assist people at each tram stop, and by pressing the ‘help’ button, there will always be a member of the team available to answer your questions.”

The campaign will be continuing throughout 2024.

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