3023 gets the beauty treatment in Manchester

The latest advertising livery on Manchester Metrolink has recently been applied to 3023 – a tram which had only lost its previous advert a few weeks ago and did run in service back in fleet livery for a small period. The tram has gone to the make-up counter as it is now advertising Maybelline.

Similar to the advert for Marks Electrical on 3117, as well as the usual vinyls on the bodyside of the tram this design also includes small vinyls below the driver’s windscreens at each end. They are pink and the majority of the rest of the tram is as well and it also includes the slogan “It’s Giving Sky High”. The central windows on each section of the tram have also been made to look like eyes with eye lashes in place!

This is non-standard livery number three for 3023. This started in August 2023 when it received the Pride “Love Connects Everyone” livery which was followed by the twice applied ad for Hamilton at the Palace Theatre which was seen between September 2023 and January 2024.

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  1. Oliver Shenton says:

    3061 now has a new advert for Rochdale Town Hall

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