In Pictures: 634 on display as EATM Ride the Lights one more time

The last trams have run for another year (but the season isn’t quite over as the museum opens on 1st January 2024) at the East Anglia Transport Museum with the third and final Ride the Lights weekend having come to an end. As well as the tram service operating alongside trolleybuses and the East Suffolk Light Railway, recent arrival Blackpool Brush 634 was displayed outside of the depot with visitors able to inspect the stunning restored interior of the tram. Bryan Grint was on hand to capture images of 634 and a few other sights at the museum on 17th December 2023.

Twilight falls and the moon is in the sky as we take a look at Blackpool Standard 159 at Chapel Road terminus with Derby trolleybus 237 for company.

Another shot at Chapel Road with Blackpool Marton VAMBAC 11 joining 159 and on the trolleybus side Hastings 34 is also seen.

634 sits outside the depot with trolley on the wire. London Transport 1858 is in the depot.

The stunning interior of 634 which was restored to this condition by former owner Andy Ashton.

With darkness starting to take effect, the saloon lighting of 634 does the same.

Inside the depot and 634 has 1858 and Sheffield 513 for company. (All Photographs by Bryan Grint, 17th December 2023)

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  1. Nostalgicyetprogressive says:

    I trust they will retain the current livery – they could even use 634 for a future Halloween event. It’s sure to prove popular with many original internal features in evidence. Maybe one day 624 (287) will boast such features, although restoration for that Brush Car must surely be a long way in the future. In the meantime, EATM are wished every success with their growing fleet of trams.

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