The Completely Random A-Z of Trams in the British Isles! P is for Parallel Run

Another letter in our A-Z today as we reach the letter P.

In this list we go with P is for Parallel Run. A firm fixture in special events on the Manx Electric Railway the parallel run usually sees a couple of trams running between Derby Castle and Groudle with one running on the normal northbound whilst the other one gets to run wrong line. For some enthusiasts getting the chance to ride on a tram in the opposite direction you usually would is always popular!

The photo here shows the two remaining original motors on the Manx Electric Railway involved in a parallel run during the MER 130 events in September 2023. 2 gets to run on the correct track whilst 1 is on the usual southbound track. They are both climbing up to Port Jack having just passed the entrance to Derby Castle Sheds. To add to the parallel run a cyclist also joins in racing the trams up the hill (the trams won in the end!). (Photograph by Gareth Prior, 10th September 2023)

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