Luas tram attacked in Dublin disturbances

One of the Alstom Citadis trams which operate the service on Dublin’s Luas tram network has become a casualty of the disturbances which took place in the city centre on the night of Thursday 23rd November. The disturbances happened after a multiple stabbing happened earlier the same day.

The identity of the tram is not known but it was vandalised and a fire was set light on board the tram. Luas have also confirmed that the overhead line was damaged as well. The tram was attacked on O’Connell Street.

As a result of the riots a revised service has been introduced on Luas:

  • Red Line: Tallaght/Saggart to Smithfield only (no service Smithfield to Connolly/The Point)
  • Green Line: Brides Glen to St Stephen’s Green only (no service St Stephen’s Green to Broombridge)

In a statement released on 24th November Luas said: “The fire-damaged Luas is currently being tow pushed from Upper O’Connell Street. The Gardaí and other agencies are assisting Luas maintenance teams with this move. However, there is no power in the overhead lines in this section, so the team is pushing it with another rail vehicle.

“In addition to the tram tow push, the overhead power lines in the Westmoreland – O’ Connell Street area, which are currently powered off, are significantly damaged and must be replaced. Work has commenced on replacing the Lines. We anticipate the overhead lines may be operable later this evening.

“When the Lines and power are restored, the Luas Red and Green Lines will return to regular service. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

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5 Responses to Luas tram attacked in Dublin disturbances

  1. Alex says:

    Reported elsewhere as 5037.

  2. Peter Halls says:

    5037 I believe.

  3. Count Otto Von Dusseldorf says:

    If the vandals are indentified and brought to justice I hope they are made to pay for the damage caused as well as recieving a custodial sentence.

  4. Nigel Pennick says:

    It is sad when trams or buses (in this case both) are burnt to further some political cause or grievance. No good comes of it, and it is te innocent public who suffer.

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