In Pictures: A look at some of 2023’s Metrolink advertising liveries

2023 has been another year of a varied selection of all over adverts being carried on trams in the Manchester Metrolink fleet. Whilst we have featured most of these at some point during the year there have been a small selection which have evaded the cameras of our contributors but in this article we take a look at a couple of those which have been, or still are, carried on the M5000s.

Before 2023, 3079 had not carried an advertising livery with its career having been exclusively in the standard fleet livery of yellow and silver. That changed in April when it received an advert for Soccer Aid, which remained in place until June. Then in June those vinyls changed as the tram received an advert for the Greater Manchester Good Employment Week 2023. Come September 2023 and it was all change again as it then received vinyls for the Bee Network.

On the other hand, 3115 has previously had an advert between December 2021 and February 2022 when it advertised the Netflix fil, Robin Robin. It then joined the ranks of new adverts in 2023 when during September it received an advert for Selfridges (themselves no stranger to advertising on trams – they took out the first M5000 ad in November 2014 on 3045). This was then removed in November.

And in other advert news, 3023 has lost its advert for Hamilton, 3031 for and 3061 its vinyls for Pegasus Airlines.

The simple but effective Good Employment Week advert is seen here on 3079 when running as part of a double unit at St Peter’s Square on 20th July. Its working through to Eccles.

Using yellow as the base colour means the advert for Selfridge’s on 3115 blends in with the standard fleet livery as we see in this photo. The tram is running to Bury when seen at Crumpsall on 24th October. (Both Photographs by Geoff Hope)

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  1. Geoff. Hewitt says:

    How about Red and Cream/White, with gold lining and ‘Henry Mattinson M.Inst.T General Manager’ on the rocker panel?

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