In Pictures: 232 waits for repairs in Nottingham

Back on 12th June 2023, Nottingham Express Transit 232 derailed at Bulwell in an incident which is currently being investigated by the RAIB. The tram hasn’t been seen in service since and is currently stored in the yard at Wilkinson Street Depot awaiting repairs to take place.

The derailment saw 232 suffer damage (as always it isn’t always the noticeable that is damaged in incidents such as this) and in the last update to the Greater Nottingham Light Rail Transit Authority Committee it was confirmed that the condition of the tram was being assessed by Alstom. This stage of returning the tram to service was at the time expected to take several months (this was in September that this update was given).

232 can currently be seen in the depot yard where it is waiting a decision to be made on what repairs are needed, when they can be made and also where it will take place. It can be seen with a number of items having been removed, either as a result of the derailment or having been removed since.

Looking through the depot fence this photo shows 232 in the Wilkinson Street Depot yard. As can be seen the second set of doors on this side are sheeted off (presumably damaged in the derailment) whilst the front “nose” is also missing.

The other side of 232 showing a number of wheel covers have also been removed. (Both Photographs by John Whittingham, 14th November 2023)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: 232 waits for repairs in Nottingham

  1. Mark Andrew Pardoe says:

    For Goodness sake! Why does something like this take so much time. Is the inspector walking from Australia?
    Or is it the usual ineptitude and red tape that seems to effect everything in Britain these days?
    Rant over, thank you.

    • Paul says:

      It’s not the Inspectors, it’s the Lawyers…
      If there is a possibility of compensation claims for injuries or prosecution, especially under H&S, it may need to be preserved as evidence until any court case is settled…

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