Out and About: Beamish – August 2023

In this latest “Out and About” we make a visit to Beamish to see what was in operation at the start of August – and find that four trams were running!

It would probably be fair to say that the summer of 2023 was not exactly the sunniest with July in particular being pretty wet. But on this visit to Beamish the weather wasn’t too bad and there were enough crews available to allow a four tram service. Blackpool 31 was one of two running clockwise and meets Newcastle 114 (anti-clockwise) at Foulbridge.

The other two trams in service were Sunderland 16 and Sheffield 264. They too meet up at Foulbridge as they work their way around the museum tramway.

And in this last photo we see 31 and 264 pass at the Entrance. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 6th August 2023)

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