Manchester Metrolink Then & Now: Alan Turing Way

It is time for another edition of “Manchester Metrolink Then & Now” as we continue to view a couple of photos of Metrolink lines during initial construction and after services began.

Today we move on the East Manchester line to Ashton-under-Lyne which opened in two phases in 2013. The first phase saw its first passenger services on 11th February with the full line between Droylsden and Ashton then following on 9th October 2013. These two photos were taken on Alan Turing Way just outside of the Asda supermarket, close to what is now the Velopark tramstop.

This photo looks northwest and shows the early stages of construction work. The area is being prepared for the eventual installation of the infrastructure with Asda just seen in the top right hand corner of the shot. This was on 18th February 2010.

13 years later on 21st July 2023 and 3020 is on the Metrolink line as it curves round. The ramp and railings seen in the previous photo are on the right with Asda just out of view further to the right of the shot. (Both Photographs by Keith Chadbourne)

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