New report says Tramway Terrace is repairable

From it will have to be demolished, to we’re have another survey on it, to it is repairable after all – its been a bit of a mixed month for the historic Tramway Terrace in Douglas. The latest on the latest saga in relation to heritage transport on the Isle of Man is that after an independent survey ordered by the Isle of Man Government’s Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture there is hope for the building’s future with this concluding that it is feasible for work to take place to complete repairs.

It had originally been reported in October that the condition of Tramway Terrace – which is located in front of the current Douglas Bay Horse Tramway stables – was in such a bad state that the only course of action would be to demolish it. At the time the Department of Infrastructure said that recent stormy weather had led to a deterioration in the structure and that demolition was the only option. This was said to come after a couple of surveys – including one independent one.

This led to complaints from heritage campaigners who accused the department of ignoring planning consent to go ahead and just demolish it. The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture then got involved and commissioned another survey with it then being announced that the plans to demolish the building would be looked at again.

And looked at again it has been with the latest survey saying the building is repairable after all.

Actions are now due to take place to protect the building short-term whilst the Department of Infrastructure look at a longer-term plan to preserve the building for generations to come.

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  1. Geoff Currie says:

    The Heritage Campaigners have clearly forced a turn round by the DOI. Can they now use the same arm twisting to reconnect the Tramway back to Sea Terminal ASAP?

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