In Pictures: Another tram in service with ODAS equipment in Blackpool

The continued fitment of ODAS equipment to trams on the Blackpool Tramway has recently seen 012 (still in adverts for the Pleasure Beach) return to service with the cameras in situ.

ODAS (Obstacle Detection Assistance System) is a new safety feature being introduced onto the trams by Alstom. The name gives a good clue as to what the system is all about as it aims to avoid collisions with any objects on the tramway in front. The cameras fitted into the cab windows will detect something ahead and then apply the brakes to prevent a collision from taking place.

012 joins a list of trams which also includes 001, 002, 003, 013, 016 and 017 as being fitted with the cameras.

The three ODAS cameras are seen at the top of the cab window at the rear of 012 as it approaches North Pier. (Photograph by Michael Morton, 4th September 2023)

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