In Pictures: Supertram 116 receives new advert

After just a few months back in fleet livery, Stagecoach Supertram 116 has received another advert with this one being an internal advert publicising Park and Ride across the tram network. The tram received the new vinyls in mid-April and has been seen around the depot and also on test but at the time of typing has not re-entered service in its new guise.

116 had only lost its previous advert back in October 2022 and since then has been running in fleet livery but with another tram needed for an advertising contract it was chosen to lose house colours once more. This is now the seventh different advertising livery the tram has carried during its operating career making it by far the most carried by a single tram. When you consider that only eight of the trams have ever carried a full livery the fact that its always 116 makes it even more unusual.

For the records for the ads on 116 have been Meadowhall Supershopper fashion (September 2004-April 2006), Meadowhall (April 2006-January 2009), Genting Club (June 2014-September 2017), East Midlands Trains (June 2014-September 2017), Doncaster Sheffield Airport (September 2017-March 2019) and XPO Logistics (April 2019-October 2022). The past nine years have seen only around five-six months with it being in fleet livery!

The advert promotes the Park and Ride sites on the network letting everyone know that parking is free at these sites as a promotion to encourage more people to use Supertram. It is mainly blue with white signwriting.

From a distance 116 is joined by another of the advert liveried trams, 112, in being stabled at Nunnery Depot.

Looking through the depot fence at more of the detail of the new advert.

One end of the advert. (All Photographs by Ryan Hartley, 24th April 2023)

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