Around the World in Trams: Ghent 6211

It’s the final photo of our brief look at trams in Ghent, Belgium today as we take a look at a tram which although still plying its trade today isn’t doing it in Ghent.

Built in 1971 as no. 11, 6211 – as it was by the time this photo was taken – is a PCC type tram having been built in Bruges. It was one of 54 of this model built for Ghent and it remained in service in its original form up until 2001. It then went through a refurbishment which saw it become a modernised PCC and when this happened it had the 62 added to the front of its number to become 6211. After returning to service in 2002 it remained active in Ghent until 2019. After this time it was transferred to Antwerp and it remains operational there today. None of the trams now run in passenger service in Ghent with seven of them now in Antwerp.

Photograph by John Moore, 27th April 2017

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