Stop by Stop Nottingham Express Transit: Hucknall & Phoenix Park – Bulwell

Our journey to Hucknall is continuing today as we reach the next stop on the line – Bulwell.

We’ve now left the Phoenix Park branch behind as its only the Hucknall line we follow, which still has the Robin Hood Line for company on the right. For much of the remaining route its now a single track tramway except when we come to the stops. When we arrive at Bulwell we have our first interchange station with the railway line. The railway station retains just a single platform (with just a single track) and can be accessed by leaving the tramstop and using a bridge. The tramstop itself features an island platform with tracks either side and has all the usual NET stop furniture and passenger information that we have come to see throughout our journeys.

204 is just departing from the stop with a service towards Hucknall in this view. The car park at the stop is on the left and on the far right we can just make out the shelter on the railway station platform.

Looking across from the car park to the stop where we see 228 standing at the citybound platform. The railway platform is the far side of the green fence. (Both Photographs by Gareth Prior, 19th September 2021)

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