What is the difference between an Urbos3 and Urbos 100?

Ever since the first CAF built Urbos 100 tram arrived on the West Midlands Metro (9th June 2021 in case you’re wondering was the date) there has been a question on many people’s lips – what is the difference between these trams and the older Urbos3s? Well, wonder no more as regular British Trams Online contributor Michael Morton (who has his own YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@podbabatransport7515) has detailed the differences between the two as an easy guide to anyone who wants to easily identify which class of tram it is.

The below images show what the main differences are. If you know of any other differences or think there should be any corrections to this please let us know by commenting below.

Both images courtesy of Michael Morton

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  1. Andy walters says:

    T100 front side indicators higher
    than Urbos

    T100 has driver’s entrance handel in different place

    T100 narower size front windscreen to allow better side view

    T100 horn visable ( hold below number on front,)

    T100 front side saloon windows narrower
    than Urbos

    T100 has outside front speaker PA to address the public ( Get of the bloody track )

    T100 has different connections between vieacles black ( and different shape ) Urbos has grey

    T100 has a small vertical panel at end of
    ends of front saloons
    T100 has bigger panel separating the front saloon side windows
    T100 has different size front saloon top side fairings
    T100 has different sand hatch’s ( with better hinges too) Urbos ones bend easy !

    T100 have orange front side indicators ,Urbos have clear glass

    T100 has different shape front saloon side hopper windows ,curved at edges ,Urbos are are more square

    T100 is spray painted ,Urbos sticky tape blue!
    Already coming off in places !!

    T100 is slightly long mm !

    The side panels on T100 are mostly different than an Urbos .

    Urbos has more door stickers than T100
    36 being the worst , though give it time 42 only has one set out at the moment ( let’s wait and see !!)

    T100 doors shutting are deadly ,Urbos much more friendly won’t take had off .

    T100 door buzzers are higher than Urbos 3

    Has for the inside ,looooads different and the ride also

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