Trams &: Sheffield 510 & car

Today “Trams &” is heading to the Crich Tramway Village as we take a look at a Sheffield tram alongside a car during the Best of Sheffield event which took place back in 2014.

With the event on 17th May 2014 being titled “Best of Sheffield” this photo seeks to prove that as not only did the tram run in the steel city but the car alongside it was built by the Sheffield-Simplex company. With the registration number PE 1717 the car was built by Sheffield-Simplex at their works which were located at the junction of Lock Lane and Sheffield Road. Constructed in 1920 it is believed to have been the very last car built by the company and is now owned by the Kelham Island Museum in the city.

Of course, alongside the car is a more familiar sight for this website – Sheffield 510. This is a Roberts Car which was built in 1950 and would only have a 10 year operating career before the Corporation tram system was abandoned. Now preserved at Crich it retains the special Last Tram Week livery applied, funnily enough, for the final week of trams. This image was taken outside The Red Lion.

Photograph by Gareth Prior

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