In Pictures: Supertram Middlewood shuttle

If you’ve been concentrating on the news page this week you will have seen that there has been disruption for Stagecoach Supertram services between the city centre and Middlewood/Malin Bridge. It all started on Monday 6th February when Citylink 399 207 was declared a failure on West Street and following its rescue back to depot the line remained closed with track repairs required.

Whilst on Monday 6th February there were no trams at all running between Cathedral and Shalesmoor with services then running from Shalesmoor to Malin Bridge and Middlewood, things changed from Tuesday 7th February. It still wasn’t possible for trams to run through as the track repairs continued but a revised service was introduced running between University and Middlewood only. With operational constraints this was only able to run around every 20 minutes with all departures from University using the citybound platform.

Services from Halfway and Meadowhall continue to operate as far as Cathedral “to the normal timetable where possible”.

Currently its expected that this revised service will remain in place until at least Thursday 9th February.

To maintain the 20 minute frequency two trams were required to operate the service (although for a time on Wednesday 8th only one was available). One of the trams was 107 which is seen here at University preparing to departing wrong line back to Middlewood.

A rather rudimentary piece of paper was placed in the windscreen to show the destination of the tram “University”. (Both Photographs by Stuart Cooke)

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