Southport Pier Tramway tracks to be removed

The tracks once used by the Southport Pier Tramway are to be removed – some ten years since the tram last ran along the Pier. Despite the fact that the tram was suspended in 2013 the rails have been left in place but now with the decking being relaid the chance is being taken to remove them once and for all.

The latest reincarnation of the Southport Pier Tramway had started in 2002 when a 3’6” gauge line was installed in the centre of the pier deck as part of a restoration of the structure. A new battery powered tram was constructed to operate the service with this being inaugurated on 1st August 2005. Operating throughout the year things continued like this until July 2013 when cracks were discovered in the pier’s supporting columns. The service was then formally abandoned in June 2015 and a land train service was extended onto the pier instead. The tram was sold at this point.

However, even though there was no prospect of the tram running again the track remained in situ (similar to Blackpool’s North Pier tramway) as a glimpse of what once had run there. But now with work to improve the pier including the replacement of the decking it has been decided to remove the track ending its associate with rail borne transport which goes all the way back to 1863.

The rails have been acquired by the West Lancashire Railway for re-use.

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2 Responses to Southport Pier Tramway tracks to be removed

  1. Geoff Currie says:

    Very sorry to read that the rails are being removed!

  2. David says:

    That pier tram should not have been destroyed. It was a lovely design.

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