Blackpool 619 to be officially launched back into service 26th March

Shortly before Christmas 2022 a tram returned to service at Manchester’s Heaton Park Tramway which hadn’t been used since 2017. Blackpool Replica Vanguard 619 was a surprise return to service during the Lightopia event but with its re-entry happening with no fanfare it is now planned for it to have an official relaunch with this set to take place on Sunday 26th March.

Full details of the event are yet to be confirmed but its expected that 619 will run in service alongside fellow operational Blackpool car, Brush Railcoach 623, throughout the day. There are also likely to be speeches and special photo opportunities amongst other events on the day but there will be more detail closer to the date.

Alongside 619’s relaunch there is also due to be a visiting bus from the Fylde Transport Trust and this is also planned to run as a special service from Blackpool to Heaton Park for any enthusiasts wishing to visit the tramway on this day.

As we reported when 619 returned to service on 9th December 2022 it required some further works attention before it would be formally relaunched. This includes some final finishing work such as the livery lining (it will retain the red and white livery applied after it had moved to Manchester) and the installation of advert boards again. With this work expected to be completed ahead of the event 619 is set to be ready to wow the public once again!

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