Daytime testing to start on Blackpool Tramway extension

Up to seven days of daytime testing on the Blackpool Tramway extension along Talbot Road to Blackpool North Railway Station is set to take place from Monday 27th June it has been confirmed in social media posts by both Blackpool Council and Blackpool Transport. But don’t get excited that this will mean you will be able to enjoy a tram ride on the line soon as the Blackpool Transport announcement states that services will begin in 2023 (another delay in the already delayed schedule – the last official word was November 2022).

The testing is due to take place between 1000 and 1500 each day and will be for up to seven days (presumably depending on how well things go). As part of the purpose of testing is to make sure the signals are working properly there will be no road closures and traffic will be able to go about its business as it normally would.

There will also be no changes to the tram service – which will be the “enhanced” 12 minute frequency by then – but trams will be used from North Pier and across the Prom before heading up Talbot Road to the new terminus at Blackpool North Railway Station.

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  1. Barry Buttigieg says:

    It would a very nice Xmas present if this extension were
    To open by mid-demember

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