NET become first public transport member of Nottingham Hospitality Association

Nottingham Express Transit have become the latest members of the Nottingham Hospitality Association (NHA) – in doing so they are the very first public transport operator to do so. NHA is a not for profit organisation that represents the unified voice of the hospitality industry in the region.

The NHA works with key hotels, tourism destinations and hospitality venues and NET’s inclusion in the association recognises the vital role of the tram in supporting the sector offering convenient, affordable travel between the region’s many hospitality venues and tourism destinations.

Speaking about joining the NHA, Alison Sweeney, Marketing Manager of Tramlink Nottingham, said: “The tram plays a vital role in keeping Nottingham moving and offers a golden thread through the region’s vibrant tourism and hospitality sector, offering affordable, convenient transport to millions of visitors, tourists and hospitality workers alike. We’re proud to become members of The Nottingham Hospitality Association and look forward to continue supporting Nottingham’s prosperity as one of the UK’s fastest growing economies and a major tourist destination.”

Richard Johal, Chair of the NHA, said: “We’re delighted that NET will be our first public transport member of Nottingham Hospitality Association as they play a pivotal role in encouraging domestic visitors and sustainable tourism to the city. Collaborating with Nottingham’s tourism stakeholders is a key part of our NHA strategy and having NET representation at our meetings will strengthen relationships between our members and allow us to continue to act as a key voice for the hospitality industry in Nottingham.”

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