Trams return to Halfway!

Its taken its time but Blue route services on Stagecoach Supertram finally returned through to Halfway mid-morning on Wednesday 11th May. Trams had last run to Halfway on Friday 1st April with overhead line problems having caused issues ever since.

Its never been publicly mentioned what the overhead problems were but initial observations showed that there were sagging wires on the line. To start with trams from Malin Bridge were only able to operate to Donetsk Way but as from Thursday 7th April services were extended to Beighton/Drake House Lane. Deadlines for completion came and went but after final testing the line was reopened with the first tram from Halfway being at 1154 on Wednesday 11th May.

With the Blue route now running in full let us hope that’s it for service disruption for a while. Until the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend engineering works that is of course.

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