Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: London Street

And so we reach true on-street running as our trip north on the Blackpool Tramway continues.

We leave Fisherman’s Walk heading north and with a crossover provided here for any short-running trams we then join Lord Street for that on-street running, sharing with other road vehicles. For many years between the closure of Glasgow’s tramways and the opening of Manchester Metrolink this was the only significant section of tramway in the UK where cars and trams shared the road (save for short sections in Blackpool). We run along the centre of the road – still with double tracks – with various roads coming in from the side (plenty of opportunities for cars to do things they shouldn’t!) before we come to the next stop at London Street. With the standard platforms either side of the tracks there is just a shelter on the southbound platform, but everything else is as we have come to expect on the Blackpool Tramway.

London Street stop looking north with the shelter seen on the southbound platform.

This view shows 001 just arriving at London Street’s southbound platform with a service heading all the way to Starr Gate.

008 arrives at London Street bound for Fleetwood Ferry. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 24th September 2020)

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