In Pictures: York Place closed as its all change on Edinburgh Trams

Wednesday 9th February was, as expected, the last day that trams would be running in passenger service from the York Place terminus with it being closed from the following day to allow further work on the Trams to Newhaven project to take place. Whereas often you see something close and then wait and wait for something to happen the work crew moved in straight away to set about removing the stop.

Once the extension to Newhaven it was also known that York Place stop would become a thing of the past as its location is needed to lay track to allow double track all the way along the route (there is no space for double track and a stop here). And so it was that in order for this work to take place that the stop had to close with the final trams departing on Wednesday 9th February – it will no longer be possible to catch a service either from or to York Place with the extension seeing a replacement stop at Picardy Place opened when the complete line opens in 2023.

For the next two months trams from the Airport will be turned short at West End with all Edinburgh Trams tickets valid for travel further into Edinburgh by using Lothian Buses services. Then from April services will be extended to St Andrew Square. When St Andrew Square becomes the temporary end of the line trams will run out of service up to York Place to use the crossover there before returning to St Andrew Square and embarking on its journey back to the Airport. This isn’t possible initially though as the crossover is included in the worksite created for removal of York Place stop.

A scene which won’t be seen again with the stop now being removed. Taken on board 266 here we see the approach to York Place with the works of the extension apparent beyond. (Photograph by Trevor Hall, 8th February 2022)

As part of the publicity to remind people of the changes in the service these posters have been added to the stops at York Place, St Andrew Square and Princes Street. (Photograph by Roy Calderwood, 9th February 2022)

The morning after the end of services and no time has been wasted in setting up the worksite. In the distance a prospective passenger talks to an Edinburgh Trams staff member where he probably finds out he will have a long wait to see a tram!

The reason that trams can’t run to York Place and turn is apparent in this view as the work compound is over the crossover.

Taking a look at York Place stop. Traffic queues alongside as it tries to get through the worksite at Picardy Place. (Photographs x3 by Jack Slaughter, 10th February 2022)

  • More photos of the last few days of York Place stop will be featured in an upcoming gallery on British Trams Online.
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