In Pictures: More work on the Blackpool Tramway extension

We are back up at the old Wilko’s site which will be the terminus of the Blackpool Tramway extension to Blackpool North Station in this latest pictorial update as we see that there has been some further work – some of it may appear that its a bit of a backward step but there has also been good progress on the tramstop which now features shelters.

To remind non-regular and regular readers of this website alike this extension will leave the current Promenade line at North Pier with curves coming from both the north and the south to allow trams from both directions to head up Talbot Road. There is a single platform stop for trams heading up Talbot Road in Talbot Square which will be the only intermediate stop on the line which terminates on the old Wilko’s site with an island platform terminus by the new hotel and restaurant. There is then a walk using the underpass for anyone who wants to head for the railway station.

Work on the extension has been pretty slow going and several opening dates have been and gone but it is hoped that 2022 may finally see trams running along these tracks. But before that can happen further work is needed on the hotel and restaurant with no tram service possible before this is completed.

Looking at where it appears to be a bit of a backward step this is a close-up view where some of the concrete has been removed to allow work to take place on the signalling.

A general view of the site showing where concrete needs to be laid as a lone workmen is involved in work on the signalling at the crossover.

An artists impression of how the end of the line and walkway to the railway station could eventually look. The hotel is ahead and we see the end of the tracks although its probably likely there will be some form of “end of line” rather than just the tracks ending here. (Photographs x3 by Michael Morton, 4th February 2022)

A view across to the island platform terminus.

On the left of the shot we can just make out the shelter on the platform.

Another artists impression this time showing what people leaving the railway station will see with the entrance to the tram station under the hotel. (Photographs x3 by Tony Armitage, 6th February 2022)

This hole shows where the old underpass used to be and will eventually be replaced by the entrance to the tram station. (Photograph by Tony Armitage, 9th February 2022)

A close-up view of the tramstop with the shelter seen in the centre. (Photograph by Peter Dockerty, 9th February 2022)

Work is also back underway at Talbot Square. Here we see digging around the points.

Another look at Talbot Square with the digger in action. (Photographs x2 by Tony Armitage, 10th February 2022)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: More work on the Blackpool Tramway extension

  1. Dingdingdave says:

    looking at the ‘artists impression’ of the terminal, you have to wonder if they have ever been to Blackpool? sometimes its very windy and very wet, so surely an allover roof would be better?

    The extension is now way overdue in my opinion and isnt even a decent interchange or have potential for expansion!

  2. Nigel Pennick says:

    Indeed reality is never as neat as ‘artist’s impressions’ whose dream-like atmospheres remind me of Surrealist paintings. All the building work around the terminus will doubtless drag out a year or two more before we can experience the dissonance between the gritty reality and the idealistic artwork.

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