Zones on the way for ticketing on the West Midlands Metro

How ticket prices are calculated for travel on the West Midlands Metro is set to change from Spring 2022 it has been announced with new Ticket Zones due to be introduced. With the aim of providing greater fairness and flexibility for passengers the network will be split into four zones (although the split of these zones has yet to be announced) with both individual and cross-zone tickets to be available.

Its hoped that the new Metro Ticket Zones will provide greater flexibility for passengers as instead of having to buy a ticket between two stops it will now be valid for unlimited travel within the chosen zone or zones.

Whilst the finer details have yet to be announced (such as prices and zones) West Midlands Metro have said that the pricing for the new system has been calculated to provide fairness and value for passengers who rely on the network every day. They will be able to bought in exactly the same way as now (on board trams, via the My Metro app and on Swift cards) and any existing Metro passes will continue to be valid until they expire – even after the launch of the new fates structure.

Sophie Allison, Metro Commercial Director, said: “We are constantly looking at ways to make it easier to travel on the Metro, while providing the best possible value to customers who tell us they want more flexibility – especially as travel habits and lifestyles have changed since the coronavirus pandemic. The increased flexibility will also help customers to plan ahead and save money, especially as the network expands and we start to serve new destinations. Individual and cross-zone tickets will be available on-board trams, and some will also be available to purchase using the MyMetro App. Further details, including pricing, will be announced as we approach the official launch of the zone-based system.”

Once Metro Ticket Zones is launched there will be a range of Season Tickets and network-wide passes will also still be available.

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