NET delays after tram breakdown

Just to show that Manchester Metrolink isn’t the only tram system in the UK which suffers delays, a tram broke down on Nottingham Express Transit on Tuesday 25 June causing delays to the service of up to 30 minutes. The tram broke down between Basford and Wilkinson Street at approximately 0730. Engineers sound arrived at the scene and the tram was moved to Wilkinson Street where passengers were able to alight. A full service was in operation again from 0930.

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2 Responses to NET delays after tram breakdown

  1. Frank Bagshaw says:

    I was one of those waiting for a tram at Phoenix Park. Sorry to admit but me and many others abandoned the wait and took our cars into the city.
    Appointments needed to be met!

    • Ken Walker says:

      You were lucky. It’s when the tram turns up and you get on the way and then the wheels come off (pardon the pun) part way into the journey that the problems start. You can’t proceed on the tram and the car is parked up several stops back. Plus of course you have paid for your tram journey!

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