Metrolink 3133 enters service

And then there were none! No M5000s currently in Manchester which have yet to enter service that it is with 3133 carrying passengers for the first time on Wednesday 24th November. The tram was allocated to the Bury to Piccadilly service for its first day of service.

It has taken 3133 just 18 days from delivery to enter service which is by far the quickest of this new batch of trams to enter service. In fact looking back at delivery dates and dates they entered service it appears the last tram quicker than this to enter service was 3103 which arrived on 5th September 2015 and entered service on 19th September 2015. Presumably with the Christmas rush of people heading out for shopping (including the Christmas Markets) it was desirable to get 3133 into service as soon as possible.

As thing stand at the moment there are now no M5000s awaiting commissioning but its likely that 3134 won’t be long in arriving with it now almost three weeks since 3133’s arrival.

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