In Pictures: Tram on a ferry!

No, its not a low budget remake of the Hollywood blockbuster Snakes on a Plane! As we have reported extensively over the past few months the new batch of M5000 trams for use on Manchester Metrolink are being delivered at regular intervals from mainland Europe and we have pictured several of the arrivals as they turn up at their final destination in Manchester. But how do they get to the UK from mainland Europe? On board a ferry that’s how!

With the assembly of the trams being completed in Germany and Austria the easiest way for the trams to be transported across to the UK (for ease of access to Manchester) is the ferry route between Rotterdam and Hull. Operated by P&O Ferries this route had now seen 133 trams travel on a way one trip to the UK and in most cases the tram has had a quiet trip before the journey is completed via the road network across to Manchester.

With another 14 of the trams to come this journey will continue for a good 10-12 months yet!

3133 on board the ferry on 6th November 2021 making its new journey to its new home. (Photograph by Boris Atterby)

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  1. Paul D says:

    Plus 20 trips over the same route by Blackpool Flexity 2s…
    (002 having done it 3 times)

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