On the internet: Photos from the GEC archive

Since the first trams were introduced in the British Isles there have been probably millions of photos taken of them, whether that be official works pictures or a member of the public taking a quick snapshot in the city centre. With there little point having photos of anything without sharing it wider many of those photos have ended up in books or on the internet and in this, the first of a new irregular, series we take a look at one such collection which can be found online.

David Beilby Photos contains a fascinating collection of photos from throughout the years – including the official GEC Archive with images of trams built in Preston either as ERTCW, United Electric Car or English Electric. Its not only trams which are included in this archive though as there are also shots of buses and trolleybuses amongst other vehicles.

Its not just about the GEC Archive though as it also includes other photos from David’s collection including tram images from Vienna, Gmunden, Innsbruck and Manchester Metrolink.

In fact there is so much there you can probably lose hours taking a look!

The website can be found at https://davidbeilby.zenfolio.com/ with the GEC Archive located at https://davidbeilby.zenfolio.com/f610072704.

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  1. David says:

    Oh yes, very much worth a look. Included are photos of the mass production of the English Electric Railcoaches.

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