3016 derails in Rochdale

Manchester Metrolink services in Rochdale Town Centre were disrupted from the evening of Friday 5th November after M5000 3016 derailed on the points leading to and from the terminus. As a result no services were able to run between Rochdale Railway Centre and Rochdale Town Centre whilst a rescue operation for the tram was initiated.

3016 was running as a single tram on the East Didsbury to Rochdale Town Centre line when it split the points leading to and from the terminus (with the line being single track through Rochdale up to the terminus where there is an island platform with tracks either side). The incident took place on the evening of Saturday 5th November with the tram not fully rerailed and returned to depot until 1400 the following day.

Whilst the tram was stricken all trams on this route terminated at Rochdale Railway Centre with any passengers wishing to travel further into Rochdale advised to make their own way.

It is presumed an investigation will take place to discover the cause of the derailment.

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