Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: Little Bispham

Its time for another edition of “Stop by Stop”. We’re on the Blackpool Tramway again as we continue northbound and reach Little Bispham.

As we continue our northbound trip we leave Norbreck North and after a short distance come across a major road crossing – this is the first time the tramway and a main road come into contact in normal service (there are a few access routes to car parks etc. further south, of course) – with cars travelling to and from Princess Way. With any luck we won’t have to stop for long at this crossing and as soon as we are across we arrive at the stop. There are platforms either side of the tracks again and there is a station building at the northbound stop which not only provides shelter but also home to some more toilets. The southbound platform is shelter free with just a small information casing available here.

Taken from the other side of the road crossing here we see Little Bispham stop. The station building is on the left with the southbound stop minus shelter seen on the right.

008 waits for departure from Little Bispham, sitting at the southbound stop.

There were cleaners giving some attention to the stop when this photo of 016 leaving northbound was taken, with their vehicle parked on the southbound line. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 25th September 2020)

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