Flexity 007 isn’t so lucky after all!

Despite the number 7 supposedly being associated with good luck, the reverse seems to be true of Blackpool Flexity 007 which has recently been involved in an accident with a motor car. This isn’t the first time that this particular tram has been in the wars – it was the only one of the Flexity2 class to be damaged en route to Blackpool, and has also failed in service a couple of times in recent weeks.

Unfortunately, the latest mishap to befall 007 seems to be more severe. On Tuesday 11th June, the tram collided with a car at Rossall Square, resulting in damage to its bumper and headlight clusters at the end affected. Unsurprisingly, the car came off considerably worse although the exact details of damage sustained to 007 are not confirmed.  Thankfully the tram service wasn’t disrupted too much whilst the necessary procedures were followed and after a few hours, normal service was resumed, and the tram was returned to Starr Gate depot for examination.

It is believed that the accident occurred because the car driver ignored a red traffic light and drove across a tramway road crossing, ploughing into the path of the approaching Flexity. Thankfully nobody was badly hurt but hopefully the surrounding publicity will encourage other motorists to be more careful when driving across the tram tracks!

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One Response to Flexity 007 isn’t so lucky after all!

  1. Ken Walker says:

    Other motorists won’t learn the lesson if Manchester is anything to go by!