Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: Cliffs Hotel

In this edition of “Stop by Stop” our journey north on the Blackpool Tramway continues as we climb up to Cliffs Hotel.

As we depart from the previous stop at Gynn Square we continue to climb and then soon reach the next stop at Cliffs Hotel.  A popular stop for holidaymakers – especially for those wanting a trip into Blackpool or down to the Pleasure Beach after breakfast in the morning – from any number of hotels along this stretch of the Prom its unusual if your tram south doesn’t stop here, but if it does it could well mean the tram is full! Platforms are located either side of the tracks and both have shelters again, featuring information panels, seats and lighting columns.

This is the stop at Cliffs Hotel. The northbound platform on the left, southbound on the right.

On 26th September 2020 again and we see 005 leaving Cliffs Hotel’s northbound stop with a service to Fleetwood Ferry.

Going back to 22nd September 2017 and 010 has just left Cliffs Hotel behind and it continues its journey north to Fleetwood Ferry. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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