Down goes performance on the Tyne and Wear Metro

The latest performance data for the Tyne and Wear Metro has shown a further decline – both in comparison to the previous four weeks as well as the same time in 2020. No reasons have been given for the fall although it does appear there have been a few service cancellations recently, possibly caused by the so-called “pingdemic”.

This four week period is from 27th June to 24th July. According to the stats 83% of all trains were considered as on time (3 minutes late, 30 seconds early). In comparison this time last year the figures were at 85% and the previous four weeks were at 86%.

Although the poster still retains its Covid style with no explanation for significant events which have conspired to cause issues for the service, a daily quick glance at the Metro Twitter feed will show that services have been regularly cancelled as a result of staff being required to self-isolate by the NHS Covid app. Taking Monday 9th August as an example 60 services were cancelled for this reason.

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