Blackpool Tramway suspended north of Thornton Gate after collision with van

Services on the Blackpool Tramway were suspended between Thornton Gate and Fleetwood Ferry for a time on the morning of Tuesday 11th May after a van and tram collided close to the stop at Rossall Square. The collision happened shortly after 0920 with services suspended for a couple of hours while the emergency services were on the scene.

At this stage it is not known what caused the van and tram to collide but an investigation is underway. The collision happened at the road crossing just before Rossall Square stop where there is limited sightlines for both trams and road vehicles of what may be coming, although it is fully signalled for both the road and tramway.

Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported with no-one requiring hospital treatment although there were a few minor injuries of passengers on board the tram which were treated at the scene.

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  1. nostalgicyetprogressive says:

    Looking at media reports, such collisions don’t seem uncommon. It will be interesting to note what the investigation reveals. Some people call for barriers to be installed at such crossing points. However, when one sees footage of the extraordinary risks both motorists and pedestrians take in circumventing such measures on railways, often with spectacular near misses and sadly also accidents, it begs the question as to what actual beneficial purpose any barriers would serve.

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