Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: Pleasure Beach

The first of the main stops on the Blackpool Tramway after departure from Starr Gate heading north is that at Pleasure Beach which always sees plenty of people getting on and off (except during a major global pandemic of course!).

The main light rail stop at Pleasure Beach is located to the south of the loop (mainly used by heritage trams but modern trams do also use it at times when running short journeys to Pleasure Beach instead of heading all the way down to Starr Gate). Two platforms either side of the tracks are again provided. The northbound platform has the large shelter plus information panels and defibrillator while for the narrow southbound platform there is no shelter but a bench and information panel. First used by passengers on 4th April 2012.

Closest to the camera here on 27th September 2020 is the southbound platform with, on the opposite side of the tracks, the northbound platform. The Sandcastle dominates the scene and the Tower is seen in the distance.

On 24th September 2020 013 is stopping at Pleasure Beach. It is waiting at the southbound stop with a service to Starr Gate with the northbound platform in the foreground.

015 is just arriving at Pleasure Beach with a northbound service to Fleetwood Ferry on 25th September 2020. Balloon 717 is just seen arriving in the distance for an Illumination Tour. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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