Corgi return with Blackpool trams

Between 1997 and 2009, Corgi released a number a diecast model Blackpool Balloon and Brush trams but since the release of Balloon 726 in its HM Coastguard livery in 2009 there have been no further models made available from Corgi (although Atlas Editions seemingly used the mould for a small selection of trams in recent years). But all that is to change in 2021 as two new models – one Balloon and one Brush – is on the list for release – although you won’t recognise the adverts included!

The 2021 Corgi range was announced during the first week of January and the two trams are two of the more unexpected models. They will both feature different adverts for Coca Cola, although, unless Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours have got a surprise up their sleeves for 2021!, these are not designs which have previously been seen on a Blackpool tram.

No details are known as to the numbers of the trams or destinations but the Balloon will have the slogan “Open Happiness” and the Brush “Coke Side of Life”.

Both have an eye opening RRP of £38.99 (I can remember when the first Balloons were released in 1997 there were around £15 – maybe I’m just getting old!) and you can see more details on the Balloon here and the Brush here. They are expected to be released in summer 2021.

If you’re interested in what models in this range have been released before why not visit Model Bus Zone?

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3 Responses to Corgi return with Blackpool trams

  1. david l says:

    ” Open Happiness” was the 2009/2010 logo for cokes worldwide advertising,
    “Coke side of life” was 2005/6 if I remember correctly,
    The current 2020/21 advertising is based on the diet and zero coke products, so its very unlikely these ads will appear in reality as Coke dont do retro advertising, especially for the full sugar product range which they are now trying to move to the background as they promote “healthier” options.

    • John1 says:

      They won’t appear in reality – mainly due to Brush and Balloon Trams being Heritage now. Also Blackpool is a Pepsi town.
      These Trams are a bit of fun as part of the Coca Cola model franchise and are a welcome new use of the tooling which last saw use in 2009!

  2. John1 says:

    £38.99 is hardly eye watering. the buses are only fractionally cheaper. The last Tram in 2009 was £29.99, so its not a huge increase over that time.
    £15 to £39 over 24 years is an average increase of £1 per year.
    They aren’t the only Trams in the range either. Whilst not of Blackpool interest Rivarossi (available via Hornby) have 2 articulated Duwag Trams in 2 different Cola liveries.

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