Stop by Stop Nottingham Express Transit: Clifton South line – Holy Trinity

Today we continue our way towards Clifton South on the Nottingham Express Transit network and we reach Holy Trinity.

After departure from Clifton Centre the tramway continues along Southchurch Drive until that road ends and we find Farnborough Road again (a road we last saw as we briefly travelled along it on the approach to Southchurch Drive North) and as we turn onto that road there is a short section of tram only road where the stop at Holy Trinity is located. Another stop with platforms either side of the tracks this too opened on 25th August 2015.

A view of the stop looking towards Clifton South.

211 arrives at Holy Trinity with a service for Phoenix Park as a mother and child try to work out the ticket machine before it pulls into the stop!

A view of 223 as it arrives at Holy Trinity heading to Clifton South. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 19th September 2020)

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