In Pictures: Edinburgh Trams 254 receives new Edinburgh Park advert

We saw last month how Edinburgh Trams 268 had lost its advert for Parabola Edinburgh Park in favour of a revised advert for Edinburgh Park (without the Parabola!) and now a previously unillustrated similar change has also been seen on 254. Also in October, 254 lost the old Parabola Edinburgh Park advert in favour of the new vinyls for Edinburgh Park.

For 254 this is just the second advert it has carried with the aforementioned Parabola advert having been added to the tram back in June 2018. With these latest livery changes there are now 19 of 27 trams with adverts and eight remain advert free.

254 caught at Ingliston Park and Ride showing off its new Edinburgh Park advert. (Photograph by blackpool_trams, 6th November 2020)

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