Around the World in Trams: Innsbruck 1

The next location for our “Around the World in Trams” series is Innsbruck in Austria and we start off with a historic tram in action.

Taken on 27th June 2015 at the Central tram stop close to the railway station this image shows no. 1 which is now considered a museum car and runs a special service when the tramway museum is open (in 2019 this was on Saturdays between May and October as well as a special Christmas tram). 1909 built 4-axle motor car 1 is often used on this service as seen here. It originally ran in Innsbruck until 1974 when it was transferred to the tram museum in Graz and then returned home in 2000.

Photograph by Derek Horton

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2 Responses to Around the World in Trams: Innsbruck 1

  1. nostalgicyetprogressive says:

    Happy memories of the ‘Nostalgiebahn’ (heritage tram plus two very small trailers and a luggage ‘wagen’) from Igls to the centre of Innsbruck. Thence by the No. 3 tram from the ‘Triumpforte’ stop to Amras to visit a well-known railway model shop to purchase H (00) gauge model trams based on the local fleet. Very pleasing to see that the heritage fleet here is still in operation. Return to Igls was by No 6, I recall: an interesting contrast with the heritage tram. Wunderschoen! (no umlaut on my keyboard – wie Schade!)

    • Geoff IoM says:

      NYP – you can get ‘o-umlaut’ on most keyboards by holding down the ‘Alt’ key and typing ‘0246’, thus: ö . ‘a-umlaut’ is ‘0228’ – ä and ‘u-umlaut’ is ‘0252’ – ü. Ich hoffe, das hilft Ihnen.

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