In Review: Electric Icons Prague by Michael Morton

Mention Prague to a tram enthusiast and you are likely to get a positive reaction as they recall the Tatras running on the extensive tram network. But in recent years there has been a major modernisation of the system with new trams being introduced as well as overhaul for some of the older trams. In this book, Michael Morton, takes a pictorial look at the fleet.

This book was released in May 2016 and shows the Prague tram fleet from 2005 until 2016 with images from across the city showing the various different classes of trams which have operated in the Czech city during that time period. Obviously, some of those trams have since been withdrawn, and even scrapped, so it doesn’t just give a record of the recent tram scene in Prague but is also a historical record of what used to be.

Electric Icons Prague is not intended to be a history of trams in Prague – there are other books available out there if you are looking for that – but does give an extensive pictorial look at the trams over the ten+ years from 2005 onwards. Starting off with the heritage fleet and then moving through the main operational fleet in the period there are some quality images included from across the system showing off the best – and some may say worst! – of the tram fleet. The book concludes with a fleet list as at May 2016.

Obviously, with this book now having been out for four years things have moved on in Prague but if you are looking for a publication with plenty of photos of the fairly recent past in Prague then this is for you!

Electric Icons Prague by Michael Morton is published by Podbaba Publications and is still available from various online retailers.

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