Picture in Time: Newcastle 114 & Blackpool 31

A tram double for you today as we are again at Beamish and take a look at Newcastle 114 and Blackpool 31.

The chances are than if you visit Beamish in 2020 on a warm and sunny day (doesn’t even need to be that warm or sunny to be honest!) you will still get the chance to ride on one of these two open toppers: Newcastle 114 and Blackpool 31. These two were out on 16th August 1996 and are seen passing in the Town. Presumably passengers have just alighted from 31 as it seems strangely quiet especially when you compare it with 114 which seems to still have a full load of passengers.

By the time of this photo 31 had been in service at Beamish for nearly 10 years having been restored back to its 1920s condition from a works car and remains in service to this day, having also spent time on loan back in Blackpool and also at Heaton Park. 114 has also had a brief period away on loan having been at Crich for their Electric 50 event in 2014.

Photograph by Ken Jones

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