In Pictures: First signs of winter at Beamish

Monday 24th February saw the first snowfall of winter in the northeast of England with Beamish delaying opening whilst staff worked hard to clear the site for visitors. This was all done by around 1100 allowing the museum to open with the trams continuing to run. By Wednesday 26th February when the below photos were taken most of the snow had thawed although there was still some of the white stuff on the ground giving a little bit of winter to the images.

26th February saw a fairly standard off-main season two tram service in operation with Sheffield 264 running clockwise and Sunderland 16 anti-clockwise. The other two trams currently available for service – Blackpool 31 and Oporto 196 – were stabled outside the depot.

Snow! Sunderland 16 heads up to the Entrance with its anti-clockwise trip.

More snow on the ground as we see Sheffield 264 between the Entrance and Foulbridge.

Outside the depot with Oporto 196 and Blackpool 31 joined by the Rotherham Daimler bus.

Blackpool 31 seen outside the depot.

Inside the main depot and Newcastle 114 and Grimsby & Immingham 26 (Gateshead 10) sit. Both trams are off the road at the moment but for 114 its return will be closer than that of the green car which is undergoing a comprehensive and lengthy overhaul. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 26th February 2020)

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